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ELCOMAN is today one of the world leaders in production of office shredders capable to shred paper, CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks and credit cards, professional guillotines and trimmers, flip charts with rewritable steel board adjustable in height through retractable legs. All items are sold under the KOBRA trademark in over 80 countries, through a far-reaching network of agents and retailers and 7 subsidiaries worldwide.storia_670x1000

ELCOMAN's mission is innovation and this is what distinguishes us from the competition. We create unique products with high added value, exceptional design, from the most resilient and durable materials such as steel and using patented cutting edge systems based on exclusive technological solutions. Just take a look at the "Cyclone" system which uses the centrifugal force of high pressure airflow produced by a turbine together with a group of high speed rotating blades to destroy up to 500 sheets of paper at a time and up to 420 kg an hour of paper, CD ROMs, DVDs, Floppy disks, credit cards, cardboard boxe, cans.
To achieve this level of innovation, there has been constant analysis of needs and trends in the global market so as to anticipate future requirements and meet them in advance. The ongoing search for winning solutions and development of highly competitive systems undertaken with our KOBRA JAPAN Tokyo subsidiary position the KOBRA brand at the leading edge in Italy and abroad. The name KOBRA is synonymous with exclusive Made in Italy high quality products certified and guaranteed in accordance with European standards.

This distinction is also clear in our heightened awareness of environmental issues. It can be seen in our focus on power saving, in line with the Green Law already in force in Japan and USA and the Kyoto Protocol. KOBRA shredders are fitted with the "ENERGY SMART" Led system which means zero power consumption when the machine is on standby - an annual carbon dioxide emissions reduction of roughly 65 kg per machine. There is also our contribution to waste separation with the double waste bin in the KOBRA 240, KOBRA 240 TURBO, KOBRA+2 and KOBRA+3 shredders, that no need of plastic bags, to separate paper shreds from the plastic of CD-ROMs, DVDs, Floppy disks and credit cards shredded. Finally, we also produce waste bags made of recyclable plastic for use with our shredders.

Uniqueness, high quality, added value and innovation, these are the cornerstones of KOBRA products together with our focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as the environment.