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EBA quality is world-famous. It originates from the edge of the Swabian Alb, from Balingen to be precise. Here, premium shredders are manufactured with an exceptionally high in-house production depth -renowned for their durability, operational safety and sophisticated functionality. One of the most appealing features of EBA quality is its distinctive design. With classic form, clear lines and timeless elegance, EBA shredders fit seamlessly into every environment. Top-quality materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and stringent quality controls guarantee that in the future too the EBA brand will stand for its more than 80 year-old hallmark: quality made in Germany.


Safety Protection System SPS: a comprehensive safety package ensures the optimum safety of all EBA shredders. SPS comprises the following safety features: an electronically controlled safety flap in the feed opening to prevent fingers and ties being caught and to shield the user from splinters when CDs are being destroyed; automatic reverse and shut-off function in case of paper jams; shut-off function when the shred bag is full; electronic door control using a magnetic switch; double motor protection against overheating. All automatic functions are controlled with the innovative control element “EASY_SWITCH” or with the easyto-use “Soft-Touch” switch panel with integrated optical indicators. So that EBA shredders are always under perfect control.


Contrary to all predictions, the increased use of electronic media and data processing means that more and more paper is being used. And, unfortunately, it also means that more and more sensitive information is being “disposed of” into paper bins and containers. For companies in particular, careless handling of confidential information constitutes a serious risk. And if competitors gain access to a company’s internal information, this can seriously weaken the company’s competitive position. Often, the resulting damage cannot be undone. Important in this connection are privacy acts and data protection laws. Anyone, for example, who infringes data protection laws when handling personal data may have to face legal consequences. Legal compliance with data protection laws concerning third-party personal data is strictly monitored and sanctioned in public authorities and other administrative bodies. With EBA shredders these risks are a thing of the past. With EBA, you will find the right security level in accordance with DIN 32 757 to suit the level of confidentiality of the information that needs to be destroyed.


In short: anywhere paper needs to be cut accurately, our manual and electrical power guillotines are to be found. This may be due to the fact that we offer the optimum cutter for any requirement up to 720 mm cutting length and 90 mm pile height.

Or it may be due to the fact that our cutting blades are made of Solingen Quality Steel with the result that they cut like “a hot knife through butter”. A feature appreciated by us, and our customers