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Watkiss Automation Ltd is an award winning business that has been designing,  manufacturing and supplying collating and print finishing equipment for over 30 years to all sorts of print operations - commercial and inplant, offset and digital.Watkiss_logo_on_machine

As a family owned and managed company, we have close personal involvement in all areas of our business. We are progressive and forward thinking, whilst still retaining traditional values, with an emphasis on personal attention, approachability and, above all, customer satisfaction.

The result is innovative and practical product design, a total commitment to build quality and a world-wide support network of factory trained staff.  So far we have installed over 15,000 Watkiss machines in more than 80 countries.

In all that we do, we never forget that the best measure of our performance is the satisfaction of our customers.

Research and Development

At the heart of Watkiss Automation Ltd is a commitment to research and development.

Our approach is to talk directly to end users, to understand how they work and to listen to what they have to say. In this way our products are designed and developed to satisfy the requirements of the customer. We also work in co-operation with other manufacturers to develop products for growing markets and technologies.

The Watkiss research and development process is an entirely in-house operation covering all software, electronic and mechanical design elements.

Manufacturing Quality

Our approach to innovative design and development is matched by our dedication to manufacturing quality.

We have purpose designed facilities, advanced production equipment and the latest materials and technology are used where appropriate. The result is that the Company has a complete in-house manufacturing capability and is able to directly control product quality and production scheduling.

Throughout the manufacturing process, the emphasis is on quality management. At each production stage the individual elements, as well as the assembled components, are rigorously tested.

From the use of precision equipment in controlled environments, to the microscopic testing of circuit boards, every element of the Watkiss manufacturing operation combines to give our customers durable and reliable products.

Customer Service

We have one aim for our customer service - to exceed your expectations in everything that we do. From the moment you contact us we will do our utmost to provide the information, product and support that you need in a timely, efficient and friendly way.